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Philadelphia 39 Covers Disaster Hawk

“ Now, more than ever, it’s important to be prepared. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, disaster planners say it’s not too late to improve – or even start – your emergency preparedness plan. ”What is being called the new normal requires people to adapt in a new way that I’ve never seen before…

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Bay 9 News Covers Disaster Hawk

“Disaster Hawk also guides users through the process of creating a disinfection table for items brought into the home and how to create a clean room for someone who’s among those at high risk for the virus or for a family member who already has it.”

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Disaster Hawk on MSN

30 Ways You Are Self-Isolating Wrong 19. You’re Failing to Set up a “Disinfection Table” Preparation can be key when it comes to keeping your family healthy. Patrick Hardy, a disaster preparedness expert who created the app Disaster Hawk, suggests that everyone set up a specific area in their home designated for disinfecting purposes. “Families are not…

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