CEO Patrick Hardy Quoted in USA Today

CEO Patrick Hardy Quoted heavily in USA Today…/covid-hurricanes-wil…/5839914002/

“”It’s a sense, essentially, of psychological overwhelm,” said Patrick Hardy, a certified emergency manager and risk manager. “You’re being constantly bombarded with negative information. … It creates this sense of doom.”

When disasters occur sequentially, it can make it seem as though our problems are insurmountable. It’s getting worse and worse, we think. It’s never going to get better.

A strict interpretation of “disaster fatigue,” Hardy said, puts disasters into three major categories: Natural disasters (such as COVID-19 and hurricanes), technological emergencies (chemical spills and power outages) and security emergencies (acts of terrorism and active shooters).

But Hardy said what qualifies as a disaster can also be subjective.

“What may be a disaster to someone else, isn’t a disaster to you and me,” he said.”

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