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Who We Are

Disaster Scout
  • Established disaster response planners with experience at the highest levels of disaster planning and preparedness of any scale.
  • Experts in building disaster management plans for Fortune 500 companies, government, universities, and small business disaster response.
  • We aren’t a fly-by-night company – we are here to provide you with a cutting edge tool for disaster planning, preparedness and more.

Not Just Another Disaster Preparedness App!

Disaster Hawk gives you many advantages over other disaster planning apps

Disaster Hawk Helps You

  • Follow plans from organizations all over the world.
  • Create plans within minutes.
  • Create a disaster plan for your family and everything else.
  • Have easy access to government disaster plans.
Disaster Scout

Other Disaster Planning Apps

  • Plans are static and difficult to access in an emergency
  • Clumsy and hard to use
  • Doesn’t provide live push notifications and updates
  • Are not user-friendly and have no customization available.
Disaster Scout

Created by Disaster Planning Experts

  • We are committed to making our app better, more versatile, and easier to use all the time.
  • The app is created by the most experienced and respected disaster response planners, working in the industry over generations.
  • We are here to aid you with the latest and most trusted disaster planning technologies so you could plan for your life.