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Is Your Disaster Program Compliant and Operationally Ready?

The global impact of COVID-19 has required property managers throughout the US to adapt quickly and recognize the importance of a robust disaster plan. These plans, when properly designed and implemented on a property, provide the tools necessary to empower employees and management to
navigate a multi-dimensional disaster response. Without a plan, incident responses are inconsistent, confused, and lacks continuity necessary to maintain the highest service standards. However, there is an additional
complication in that it not only has to be operationally ready, it also
has to be compliant to state, local, and sometimes federal, regulations.
There is a strong distinction between these two, and it is worth exploring
the application of both. However, a good analogy that helps to
distinguish between the two is this: the compliance plan is a decorative
sword you hang over your mantle, but the operational plan is the one
you take into battle.

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